Instant Gratification?

It’s hard to look into the future for reasons to quit. But if you are looking for immediate results, we’ve got them for you. After just twenty minutes of butting out, your pulse and blood pressure return to normal levels. After a mere eight hours, your bloodstream contains normal levels of oxygen. Within 24 hours, poisonous carbon monoxide has disappeared from your body.

After staying smoke-free for three years, your risk of heart attack is the same as a non-smoker. Lung cancer risk is cut in half after ten years, and after 15 years, your health compares with a lifelong non-smoker. Each day that you are smoke-free is a success, and brings you one step closer to ultimate health.

20 minutes after butting out Pulse and blood pressure return to normal levels
8 hours after butting out Bloodstream contains normal levels of oxygen
24 hours after butting out Poisonous carbon monoxide has disappeared from your body
3 years after butting out Risk of heart attack is the same as a non-smoker
10 years after butting out Lung cancer risk is cut in half
15 years after butting out Your health compares with a lifelong non-smoker




How to Quit Smoking in Vancouver
Lists and links to quit smoking groups, quit smoking web sites, organizations and natural health practitioners.

Quit Smoking Kit
Download a PDF of our Quit Smoking Kit, or pick it up at one of our locations in Vancouver for free.

Symptoms and Solutions
What kind of symptoms should you expect when quitting smoking? And how can you deal with them? Here's the latest, research-verified information on both alternative and pharmaceutical methods of overcoming the negatives of nicotine withdrawal.

How To Quit
When it comes to butting out, you don't have to go it alone. There are quit-aids available to suit every personality and preference – from alternative therapies to medical interventions. Which one suits your style?

What happens to your body after you quit smoking?
Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we think we have far to go to reach our goals. But giving up cigarettes has some immediate health benefits too!

Quit Tips
Make it easy on yourself as you learn to live smoke-free.

Did you know...

that smoking makes you look old? Smokers can appear at least five years older than non-smokers of the same age. The constant pucker creates tiny lines around the mouth and lips, and squinting to protect your eyes from the smoke leads to crow's feet and lines around the eyes. Free radical damage from cigarettes causes skin to lose elasticity, leading to sags and bags. Not very attractive.

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