Make it easy on yourself as you learn to live smoke-free.

Order your quit kit, and pick a quit date!

Tell all your friends. Having the support and encouragement of friends and family will inspire you to stick to your goal.

Clean your carpets, draperies, furniture and clothing to get rid of the tell-tale cigarette smell. Wash down walls to remove any smoky film.

Visit your dentist to clean the tobacco stains from your teeth–and then keep them pearly white!

Research shows that the urge to light up is greater when smokers find themselves in a situation in which they would be expected to smoke. For a while, only go places where smoking isn’t allowed. Spend more time with friends who don’t smoke.

Limit caffeine and alcohol as they might trigger a craving.

Reward yourself for a job well done. Each week, tally the amount of money that you saved by not smoking, and use that money toward a treat. Or, save it for a huge reward like a new wardrobe or dream vacation.

Use your extra time for good, and take up an exercise you enjoy. Quitters who exercise are more successful at butting out for good than couch potatoes.

And if at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up. Sneaking a puff (or a pack!) doesn’t mean that you are hopelessly addicted–it simply means that you had a cigarette. Get over it, and get on with quitting.

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How to Quit Smoking in Vancouver
Lists and links to quit smoking groups, quit smoking web sites, organizations and natural health practitioners.

Quit Smoking Kit
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Symptoms and Solutions
What kind of symptoms should you expect when quitting smoking? And how can you deal with them? Here's the latest, research-verified information on both alternative and pharmaceutical methods of overcoming the negatives of nicotine withdrawal.

How To Quit
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What happens to your body after you quit smoking?
Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we think we have far to go to reach our goals. But giving up cigarettes has some immediate health benefits too!

Quit Tips
Make it easy on yourself as you learn to live smoke-free.

Did you know...

Success is not an all or nothing proposition. If the idea of quitting completely seems overwhelming, redefine your goal. Smoke one less cigarette today, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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