Think you've tried it all when it comes to quitting? Don't despair. We've gathered medical techniques and strategies from the fields of natural health to provide you with dozens of ideas for calming cravings, breaking the habit, and butting out for good. Learn how to mix and match strategies to create an approach that suits your personal style. Click on the articles to the right to get started.


Special Internet Resource to Quit Smoking
Sponsored by The Lung Association of British Columbia, this site offers email support and a support forum that might just give you the edge you need to become an ex-smoker. Click on the link for easy access.




Vancouver Resource List
Lists and links to quit smoking groups, quit smoking web sites, organizations and natural health practitioners.

Quit Smoking Kit
Download a PDF of our Quit Smoking Kit, or pick it up at one of our locations in Vancouver for free.

Symptoms and Solutions
What kind of symptoms should you expect when quitting smoking? And how can you deal with them? Here's the latest, research-verified information on both alternative and pharmaceutical methods of overcoming the negatives of nicotine withdrawal.

How To Quit
When it comes to butting out, you don't have to go it alone. There are quit-aids available to suit every personality and preference – from alternative therapies to medical interventions. Which one suits your style?

What happens to your body after you quit smoking?
Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we think we have far to go to reach our goals. But giving up cigarettes has some immediate health benefits too!

Quit Tips
Make it easy on yourself as you learn to live smoke-free.


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